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Tired of spending precious time in picking up your precious metal purchases from 1SILVER1 when you could be spending those very moments with your family? Or are you unable to find a suitable timeslot on your busy schedule to attend self collection session for your precious metal purchases?

Time issues aside, are you always worried about endangering your family by storing high value precious metal at home? Or do news articles involving domestic helpers stealing money or items of high value caused you live in constant fear?

Why complicate a simple and straightforward way of effective investment with unnecessary problems? Solve those associated problems by using 1SILVER1’s storage facility, today.

What Additional Benefits Do You Get?

➜ State of the Art Surveillance and Protection System
➜ 100% Completely Segregated
➜ Next Day Withdrawal
➜ Economical and Competitive Pricing
➜ Full Coverage by Our Total Replacement Policy for Loss, Theft and Damages
➜ Instant Liquidity

How It Works?

Efficient and comprehensive, let us take a minute of your time to explain to you how your needs are met and your interests are looked after by our Storage program.

Purchase-Based Precious Metal Storage

Purchase Received

Make a purchase using your free-to-register account and subsequently, make full payment for your order.

Storage Instructions

Upon receiving invoice after your payment has been cleared, inform us via email and instruct us to store your purchases.

Label and Storage

Your purchases are then labelled with your Unique Identification Number and transport securely to our Singapore storage facility.

Non-Purchase-Based Precious Metal Storage

Bring Your Products

Bring along all investment precious metal (gold and silver) holdings which you wish to store with us to our office.

Signing Storage Form

After a simple yet detail documentation of your holdings you will be storing, just sign and endorse the storage form.

Label and Storage

Your holdings are then labelled with your Unique Identification Number and transport securely to our Singapore storage facility.

Storage Fee Billing

Determining Billing Date

Your storage fee billing date will be on the 1st of the subsequent month. Initial period of storage before first billing date is free!

Determining Storage Fee

The amount billed for subsequent month’s storage will be based on the weight (1oz Gold = 50oz Silver) then in storage on the billing date.

Making Payment

A storage fee invoice will be sent to you via email and you will need to make payment for the stated amount.

Precious Metal Holdings Withdrawal

Request Withdrawal

Simply contact us via phone or email to let us know of your intent to withdraw your precious metal holdings.

Egress From Storage

Once your request is processed, your precious metal holdings will be withdrawn from our Singapore storage facility.

Collection / Delivery

You may then choose to self collect your precious metal holdings, or have them delivered to you at a nominal fee.

Important Notice

Please do kindly take special note of additional terms and conditions that you will be deemed to have agreed to once you’ve engaged us to store your precious metal products for you. Pricing and weight limits for storage may change without prior notice. All customers are strongly advised to read our User Agreement prior to engaging in any application or transactions with 1SILVER1.