2016 Chinese Gold Panda Coin – 30 Grams

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Product Description

This Gold Panda Coin series issued by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) made of pure gold as a precious metal started in 1982, and the 2016 Chinese Panda is the latest release belonging to this series. This much anticipated Gold Panda Coin series is now available for gold investors who appreciate a coin that is valuable for both its bullion content and its collectibility. Struck from 30 Grams of 99.9% Pure gold, the newest gold Panda is sure to be as popular as its predecessors.

Well known for Chinese delicate artistry, some of China’s greatest new artisans are gathered to create the original Gold Panda Coin in 1982. Such was the demand for the beautiful Gold Panda Coin that the Chinese Mint responded with the silver series in 1983. The Gold Panda Coin immediately became a resounding success.

In addition, because the design of the Panda on the reverse side of the coin changes every year, the Gold Panda Coin have become particularly popular with coin collectors around the world who eagerly await their release every year. The annual design change typically results in higher premiums for these fine coins when compared to other gold bullion coins minted with the same design each year.

The 2016 Gold Chinese Panda series is government minted gold bullion coin that has a legal tender value of $500 Yuan.

They are minted at the Shenzhen Guobao, the Shenyan and the Shanghai Mints by the People’s Republic of China.

The production amount released by the Chinese Mint is controlled and is very limited for overseas sales as well as local distribution. This contributes to the earliest issues being particularly valuable with collection value. Therefore, it should be no surprise that since the Gold Panda Coin  introduction in 1982, its popularity has grown steadily with time.

Product Highlights

* Top 5 Government Minted Bullion Coins in the world

* Collectors Favourite with new exquisite Panda designs every year

* High appreciation for collection value

* Limited mintage quantity compared to other government minted coins

* Comes with complimentary Clear Protective Casing

* Legal Tender Value of $500 CNY

* .999 silver purity content

* London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) approved refiners

* Product exempted of 7% GST charges

* Produced and manufactured by Chinese Mint

* Backed by People’s Republic of China’s Government

* First Design is circulated in 1982

Additional Information

Weight 0.9646 oz
Dimensions 32 mm

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