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Referral Progam

Referral Program

Have your friends and family members expressed that they are interested in investing in gold and silver? Why not introduce them to 1SILVER1, the safest and most economical precious metal retailer you know?

Not only will you benefit your referees by introducing them a gold and silver retailer that can meet their needs and deserve their trust, they now gain additional bonus rewards points on their first purchase with us.

That’s not all. With 1SILVER1′s Referral Program, your good deed will be rewarded. With cash rewards equivalent to a portion of all referee’s first purchase amount, spreading the financial wisdom of investing in gold and silver is now so much more rewarding.

Sign up for a free 1SILVER1 account today to start benefiting yourself and others from spreading the word of precious metal investment with us!

New Customer


Also known as the new customer introduced by an existing one, enjoys for the first purchase:

-2 times the rewards point

which are redeemable for cash rebates off at your next purchase or for gifts listed in the Rewards Catalog.

Existing Customer


Also known as the original customer who introduces new ones, enjoys for the first purchase of the newly introduce 1SILVER1 customer:

-1% cash reward of Non-Collectibles total purchase value
-10% cash reward of Collectibles total purchase value

How It Works?

All programs, especially our Referral Program, is designed to make it effortless for everyone to participate. Take a minute of your time and understand how easy it is to refer new customers to us and reward both them and yourself. The flow models that follow will inform you from how do you get your referees to refer you to how you will be rewarded.

Sign Up and Sign In

Referee must sign up for a completely free account with 1SILVER1 and sign in for their first purchase with us.

Buy & Checkout

Referee must complete a successful checkout stating the referrer’s email in the “Referrals Email Address” field located on the checkout page.

Referral Rewarding

Once the referee’s purchase is paid, the reward points bonus will be credited to referee’s account and referrer will be issued a cheque for the cash reward.

Important Notice

Please do kindly take special note that referee and referrer rewards may change without prior notice. Referral Program rewards for both referee and referrer will have their respective processing status communicated within 3 business days via email. Each individual may only take part in the Referral Program as a referee once should there be no prior purchase. Collectibles products are defined as all gold and silver products under the page http://www.1silver1.com/product-category/gifts/ while non-Collectibles products are defined as all gold and silver products listed on the website but not under the page http://www.1silver1.com/product-category/gifts/.