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^Cancellation of order after confirmation will result in penalty stipulated under our Market Loss/Order Cancellation Policy.

^Any non-payment or payment initiation which exceeds the stipulated 3 working days due date will entitle 1SILVER1 the right to cancel the respective product purchases from this order itself. Cancellation resulting from the aforementioned circumstance will result in you incurring the penalty stipulated under our Market Loss/Order Cancellation Policy.


Products will be dispense for collection upon full receivables of payment.

*Credit card, NETS and Cash payment are acceptable modes of payment in store

*For delivery appointment, only cash payment is accepted.

* Do provide a photo ID document for the verification procedure. Physical copy of invoice is not necessary for collection of products.

* If you are unable to collect on your own self, you can authorize another personnel to collect it on your behalf. Do send an email to CustomerCare@1SILVER1.com to update us the authorized personel name, IC and contact number.

* For changing of scheduled appointment, please do kindly inform 1SILVER1’s Customer Service Team 1 working day in prior, at +65 6222 9010.