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100% Authentication

Fearful of the rumors of fake precious metal products circulating in the market? Or does anti-forgery designs of precious metal products today can’t seem to sufficiently reassure you of their authenticity?

At 1SILVER1, we truly understand such concerns revolving around precious metal investing. That is why to fully reassure our customers, 1SILVER1 is the first in Singapore to implement a mandatory 100% non-destructive testing using the advance XRF technology to ensure all applicable precious metal products are as authentic as they were meant to be.

When it comes to physical precious metal investing, 1SILVER1 has proven itself to be the retailer that you can depend on to provide authentic gold and silver products, every time.

What Additional Benefits Do You Get?

➜ Non-Destructive Testing Method
➜ No Additional Cost
➜ 100% Authentication for All Accessible 1SILVER1 Products
➜ Free Sampling Demonstration Available
➜ Utilizing Sophisticated X-Ray Technology That Test Beyond Surface

How It Works?

Knowing how our non-destructive testing works helps you appreciate and understand how and why 1SILVER1′s authentication program allows you to purchase our tested and authenticated precious metal productswith confidence.

Authentication Of Your Precious Metal Products

X-Ray Exposure

The precious metal product is exposed to X-Ray emitted by the XRF Spectrometer in a safe manner by our qualified personnel.

Feedback Received

In response to the X-Ray exposure, the precious metal product releases an unique element-based energy signature

Response Analysis

The energy signatures are processed, which then indicates the precious metal product’s percentage of elements present.

Important Notice

Please do kindly take special note of additional terms and conditions that you will be deemed to have agreed to once you’ve purchased our precious metal products that bear the seal of “100% Tested”. Precious metal products and their respective tested status may change without prior notice. All customers are strongly advised to read our User Agreement prior to engaging in any usage of service or transactions with 1SILVER1.