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1SILVER1 Pte Ltd was created to provide a reliable source for precious metal enthusiast and investors in purchasing precious metal products. Since our inception in 2010, we have helped Singaporeans and overseas investors to consider precious metal investment and have since remained as one of the pioneer in the precious metal scene in Singapore.Set in the backdrop of global economic doldrums, the world has witnessed some of the worst financial meltdown in recent times. Despite the difficult and challenging moment, 1SILVER1 has won the market with its sound corporate policies and has since remained financially strong and stable in this competitive market. Catering to the boost of growing demand, 1SILVER1 store has expanded and relocated to a bigger premise to accommodate our growing strength of clients.

1SILVER1 have since lead the industry with revolutionary buying programs and pragmatical storage plans, allowing investors looking at diversification of their investment portfolios as well as numismatic collectors to have greatly benefitted. With our constant value-added programs and sharing approach, we have helped investors from all groups and genres to gain professional insights and knowledge on precious metal investing.

From creating a transparent pricing portal for investor to purchase precious metal products at value price, to storage of their assets with ease and confidence, and lastly, providing guaranteed liquidation with hassle-free procedures. We strive towards our goal of building a credible system in providing solutions to problems of our fleet of satisfied customers.

All these factors come together to provide our clients confidence in their investments, which is what it’s all about.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to always deliver what we promise to our clients. Through developing and delivering innovative solutions to our customers, consistently outperforms our peers of the industry and striving to educate the general public of financial security through physical ownership of precious metal, we envision our corporation in becoming a world leading institution providing best-in-class services to a global customer base.


Founded in 2010 by Mr Gimo Ng, he has been a strong advocate for physical ownership of gold/silver bullion, greatly inspired to generate awareness to the common public on the importance of converting their eroding cash to hard assets, ever since the world has witnessed the dwindling value of dollars during the 2007 economic crisis. Setting up 1SILVER1 has been the product of his visionary aim to achieve, “1 Ounce of Silver for every 1”, urging individuals to protect themselves as well as their family financially, during times of crisis.

As CEO, Gimo has led the company to overseen extraordinary growth and tremendous increase of market share. Under his 2 years stewardship, 1SILVER1 has developed into one of Singapore’s largest precious metal retailer in the industry today, hitting the million dollar revenue mark in a short span of 6 months in corporation. His remarkable leadership has also lead 1SILVER1 to become the top 500 SME’s in Singapore, proudly awarded by the SMBA authority for the company’s outstanding achievement in the year 2012.

WIth his wealth of corporate experience in the banking and finance industry, he has successfully utilise his accumulated wisdom to steer the company through troubled times using simple rule of thumb for leading the team business, “Understand the Customer”. Following this one simple philosophy has allowed 1SILVER1 to prosper and grow through all market cycles, recessions and booms alike.

Well verse in the art of financial trading and investment, his previous work as a regional investment seminar speaker in both local and overseas stint, has helped investors profit from his tested winning theology. Employing his invaluable skill sets and experienced knowledge of the investment arena to the Gold and SIlver market, 1SILVER1 has grown from strength to strength and avoided numerous economical potholes through his eagle trained trained skills of a seasoned investor.